Saturday, April 25, 2009

Video On Brushing Dog Teeth


I came across this video and the dog was so co-operative so I think you should start brushing your puppy when it is still young so that it will get use to it.

If you cannot see the video, go to

I am still brushing Ruby's front teeth and just realised that I should not be givng her a treat immediately after the brushing but at least after 1/2 hour later!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brushing Ruby's Front Teeth Video


Here is a short video clip on how I am brushing Ruby's front teeth using the special dog toothbrush and the oral gel.

According to the pet shop salesgirl's own experience, it will take at least 30 days of brushing before I can see some results.

So stay tune and I will update you of any progress made.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dog Toothbrush


As mentioned in my earlier post, I have decided to start brushing Ruby's teeth as her front canine teeth need some help.

I have bought this new dog toothbrush, as recommended by my regular pet shop salesgirl who has used it on her dog.

I think this is a newer design compared to those I saw years ago.

There is also a 3-headed brush but there are not fused together at the neck so it is not so hardy and difficult to control during brushing.

So with this new toothbrush and the existing oral gel that I already have bought, I have started brushing Ruby's teeth this afternoon.

I will take some photos and make a video of the brushing process so stay tune here.

I hope to see some difference after 30 days of brushing.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brushing Dog Teeth


I was browsing around the pet shop that I frequent, and started to chat with one of the salesgirls there.

We were sharing our experiences on how to maintain our dogs teeth.

I saw some new brushes and tooth paste and also a solution to be diluted with water for the dog to drink.

She was telling me that she finds it every effective to brush her dog teeth with the oral gel I mentioned in my earlier post though it is expensive. It took about a month to see the results but she was happy with it.

The solution to control tartar is not that effective.

Though I think Jack and Ruby teeth are reasonably maintained, I decided I will go back to doing some brushing as recommended by the girl.

This is the oral gel we were referring to, I wrote about it in my earlier posting.

I am still using it but not regularly so I have to get back to it again, but I will buy a toothbrush rather than use my finger.....ha...ha....

Stay tune, I will update you on the progress ...


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Before & After Photos - Ruby's Teeth


I managed to retrieve some photos taken of Ruby's back teeth taken 'before' and 'after' my teaching Ruby on how to chew the raw hide properly.

As you can see, chewing on the raw hide treat has helped to remove some of the tartar on her teeth.

However, you may also want to note that I still apply the oral gel to soften the tartar on her teeth.

So you may want to try this on your dogs too, good luck!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Chewing Raw Hide Treats May Help Too


I noticed that chewing on bones does not seem to be very effective for Ruby, my Corgi, as she does not chew as well as Jack, my Beagle.

Also, when I give treats like raw hide to Ruby, she used to chew for a short while and then swallowed the whole treat. I have to find softer treat for her to chew but she has no problem eating the dog biscuits.

Recently, I decided to hold the raw hide treat for her to chew and tried to teach her to chew it properly without swallowing it.

I have done it a few times and it is working as she has no choice but to chew it bit by bit to finish the whole treat instead.

Also, I believe the constant chewing has also helped to remove some of the tartar on her back teeth.

So you may also want to give your dogs some of these raw hide treats but make sure that they chew them properly with their back teeth.

Here is a short video clip of Ruby chewing on her raw hide treat with my help :


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some Updates On Using Oral Gel


I noticed that the bones work better for Jack than Ruby so I still continue to use the oral gel on Ruby.

Luckily, Ruby is co-operative and enjoys licking the gel but not Jack though!

It is likely to take some time before the tartar is soften to be removed.

Recently, I just use my finger nail to nick on Ruby's tartar to try to scrap it off.
I managed to get a reasonable chunk out from his incisor or front tooth.

Here is a photo of it so do be patient on the whole process.

But it is still a long way to go but it definitely works .......


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

FREE eBooks on Dogs


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Hope you will find the information useful as I found them on the Internet.

Have a good day with your dogs...!



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Thank you.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Latest Update : Brushing My Dogs Teeth


So have you tried feeding your dogs some bones occassionally to remove the accummulated tartar or plague?

If not, read my blog and have a go at it as it really works!

Here are slideshows of my recent photos of my 2 dogs having their teeth 'brushed' with bones :

Please click on "X" on the top right-hand corner of the screen if there are no photos displayed.

Have a good day!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chewing Bones - Most Effective Way To Remove Plague And Tartar


The most effective method that I have found for my dogs, is to give them a bone to chew.

Do you remember watching the 2 videos that I posted when I started this special blog?

This was recommended to me by my close friend who is also a dog lover and most experienced than I.

Importantly, no fish and chicken bones as ther are long and a bit sharp and will hurt them when swallowed.

Knuckle bones as shown here ......

I am referring to fresh or cooked bones and not toy or plastic bones. When the dog bites on the bones and cracked it, I believe the process will scrap the tartar and plague off their teeth, based on my observations.

I buy these fresh knuckle bones from the market and boiled or cooked them as I do not feed my dogs raw bones, like my friend does. I do this once every few months and still give them those plague or tartar control biscuit treats, as ongoing maintenance or to slow down the accummulation of the tartar or palgue on their teeth.

I also strongly urge you to observe or be present when you feed your dog bone. If I see that there is some splinter of bone, I will remove it as it may pierce its tummy. Also, I notice my 2 dogs are extremely posessive when they are chewing on their bones so be careful when you try to snatch their bone splinter as they may snap at you.....ha....ha..... I have to use a stick to help me with it as youcan see that I put Ruby in her crate and I leash Jack when they are chewing on their bones.

Well, try some of these options that I have shared with you and see which work for your dogs.

Good luck and take care....!!!

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Video on Brushing Ruby's Teeth With Oral Gel


Here is the video that I mentioned in my earlier posting.

As you can see, Ruby my corgi enjoyed it and quite co-operative during the whole process. I did not even have to leash her.

But my Jack the beagle does not like anything poke into his mouth so how....?

Ah ha.... I still have one last option and I will share it with you in my next posting.

Enjoy the video clip.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Removing Plague With Oral Gel


During one of my visits to our regular pet shop, I found this Oral Care Gel sitting at the cashier counter and I thought I will have a go at it since I noticed that some plague have accummulated on Ruby's, my Corgi, teeth.

Here is a photo of the Oral Gel that I am referring to ....

Here is an image from their website at

There have gel and spray in different flavours. I bought salmon flavour for my dogs. I think spray could be difficult to apply.

Jack my Beagle does not like me brushing his teeth so I used it on Ruby my corgi instead.

After a few applications, I managed to scrap off some tartar from Ruby's front tooth ( the sharp tooth ) as it has soften or loosen up the plague. So it definitely worked.

I will post a video on how I brush this gel on Ruby's teeth using my finger.

Of course, I am sure that there are other similar oral care gel etc.... in the market but I have some success with this particular oral gel so you may just want to check it out or look for similar gels.

Good luck ....